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Discover How To BEST Help Your Dog Overcome Anxiety And Fear For Good!

Are you looking for a safe and gentle way to get your dog out of anxiety and reactivity fast?

Does your dog's fearfulness break your heart because there is nothing you can do about it?

Have you tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING worked?

Discover how other loving dog parents got their dogs out of the Cage Of Fear and into confidence and happiness -  In less than 12 weeks

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Wish You Could Set Your Dog Free From Anxiety? 

This Powerful Psychological Approach Really Works

Want a proven approach that allows your dog to enjoy life?

Tired of seeing them suffer from fear and anxiety for no obvious reason?

Worn out by endless trips to stressful training sessions?

It’s Time to Discover How Your Dog Really Feels

When you want to treat your dog the right way it’s simply no use taking them to the vets or to group training classes if that only makes them more anxious.

Some owners will tell you that tough love and forcing your dog to adapt will work, but would that approach really work for you?

Of course, it wouldn’t! 

What you need to do is get inside their mind, understand how they’re thinking and feeling and then work with them to change the way they look at the world. 

The only question is: HOW?

The K9 FREEDOM FROM FEAR Program Makes it Happen

The thing about instant results, is they don’t work. 

The first thing you have to accept when you decide to fully commit to giving your four-legged friend the help they need is that you’re not going to get any instant results.  You’ll see longer lasting results faster than with any other method, but they’re still going to take time to manifest themselves. 

It’s because, like you, your dog is a complex individual. They have thoughts, feelings and memories of the past,

and they’re all linked together when they experience the present. 

What happened to them in the past  can have a profound impact on the way they think and act right now. 

We humans call it ‘fear’ and your dog experiences it too. It’s the natural result of trauma and negative experiences, and it can change the way your dog sees the world in a whole host of different ways: 

  • Constantly On Guard against potential intruders and outside influences
  • Low Energy Levels due to being in a constant state of nervous exhaustion
  • Short Tempered as a result of continual feelings of danger and anxiety 
  • Unwillingness to Socialize because of the lasting results of devastating trauma

When you start to realize that this is the way your dog is thinking and experiencing the world, is it any wonder that a trip to a training class isn’t helping them? Luckily, that’s where the K9 FREEDOM FROM FEAR approach comes in. 

Setting Your Dog Free 

Heal Your Dog From Anxiety and Fear is an easy-to-follow book that allows you to start setting your dog free.

It all starts by giving you unique insights into the way their mind works so you can put yourself in their position and think about how best to move forward. 

Don’t worry, you’re not going to be left to your own devices — you’ll get a thorough introduction to everything you need to do to help your dog.

In fact, setting your dog free starts with understanding the # 2 main reasons for their fear…

The Biggest Reason For Your Dogs Fear Is Traumatic Experience

The Second Biggest Reason is You

This might be hard to hear, but the way you react and respond to your dog’s actions is the second biggest reason they act the way they do.

Your dog may seem like a fearsome creature when they’re barking and growling, but really they live to be loved by you.

They want to be able to turn to you for support and comfort whenever they feel anxious, which is why mastering your own emotional responses will be a vital step in your journey:

  • Understand how your emotional responses can trigger fear in your dog
  • Master your emotions in a way that only a loving owner can 
  • Partner with your dog so you can give them the life they deserve, together

Your New Dog Awaits

Just because your dog isn’t behaving the way you know they want to doesn’t make them a ‘bad’ dog, and as a loving owner I know you know that.

To give you the added belief that you can create the changes you want for them, Heal Your Dog From Anxiety and Fear introduces you to a whole host of inspiring case studies. 

You can learn from them, use them as sources of inspiration and give you and your dog the confidence that you can finish your healing journey together. 

An Approach That Really Works

I want to show you that by getting inside your dog’s mind you can make a real difference to their quality of life. That’s why my exclusive book contains everything you need to take those all-important first steps of your personal healing journey:

  • Detailed Explanations of the key reasons for fear in your dog
  • Expert Analysis of the impact fear, anxiety and trauma can have on a dog
  • Precise Discussion of the link between past trauma and future anxiety
  • Inspiring Case Studies that introduce you to other anxious dogs and their owners
  • Introduction to the Science of EFT Tapping so you can understand exactly how this uniquely powerful approach works
  • Basic Introduction to Key Issues like fear of the vet, separation anxiety and more
  • How to Heal and Improve your relationship and integrate EFT tapping into your training regime the right way

Working through each step will take time, but it’s time that will make all the difference to your dog’s quality of life. On each page you’ll find the latest scientific knowledge written by an expert with a love for all things on four legs. Just what you need to make a real difference to your four-legged friend’s quality of life.

Ready to Change Your Dog’s Life?

Getting started couldn’t be easier.

I’m passionate about helping you give your dog the healthy, happy life they deserve. That’s why I’ve made Heal Your Dog From Anxiety and Fear available for instant download today. 

When you want to change their life and give them everything they need to enjoy themselves again, why wait?

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Discover the unique benefits of the K 9 FREEDOM FROM FEAR METHOD as you rebuild their confidence, free them from fear and enjoy quality time together.


What’s Inside the Book?

Facts You Need To Know About K 9 Anxiety And Fear
  • What canine anxiety and fear is all about
  • The core reasons behind your dog’s trouble
  • Understand how your own feelings and emotions translate into fear and reactivity for your dog

The NEW And UNIQUE Way To Help Your Dog 
  • Discover how a method that is used world wide to help people can also help your dog
  •  And HOW you yourself can help your dog without having to pay for expensive dog experts 

Wonderful Healing Stories

Find out how loving dog parents just like you managed to heal their dogs and give them all the happiness and confident they deserve by using the K9 FREEDOM FROM FEAR METHOD 

  • Without doing more dog training
  • Without using complicated behaviorism techniques
  • Without wasting time on the  same old same old 

About the Author

Psychologist Martina Becher

Martina is a Germany-based Psychologist, dog trainer, Pets and People Energy Therapist. Her whole life is dedicated to helping dogs overcome emotional problems and get back into happiness. Having been a breeder and breed adviser Martina has ample experience in "everything dog". She currently shares her life with a Golden Retriever and a Russian Terrier who mean the world to her. 

Martina is the author of the Amazon Bestsellers "THE WISDOM OF LOVE", a book helping dog parents cope with dog loss grief and "A Puppy For Christmas" as well as "Puppy Love - 7 Simple Strategies to raising a well behaved Golden Retriever puppy who listens and loves you back"

Get Started Right Away With Getting Your Dog Confident And Happy Again! 

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