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Helping You Help Your Dog

Dear Fellow Dog Owner!

Our dogs are our friends and very close companions. They are here for us when we suffer, they are here to share our happiness.

Just as my dog is interested in my well being so am I interested in his.

When either of my dogs is unhappy, so am I.

I know that the same holds true for you and your dog!

A friend in need…

Just like humans, dogs can suffer a great deal emotionally.

They can become very fearful, nervous or depressed.

Sometimes to the point of losing all interest in life.

How would it be if you could really help your friend in need regain his zest for life or overcome that crippling fear which troubles his soul?

Helping dogs recover from emotional distress, healing fear, anxiety, trauma or depression used to be quite difficult – sometimes even impossible.

Behavior therapy can often take a long time and does not always deliver.

In order to help you help your friend fast and efficiently I have developed a template for healing I call the Canine EFT – Scripts.

These custom made EFT – Tapping Sequences tell you exactly how and what to tap for your dog.

Just ten minutes once or twice a day over the period of five to ten weeks can make all the difference to your dog’s life, helping him to overcome his troubles and heal his emotions.

Help your dog to live without that crippling fear or beat that sadness so that he can be himself again.

Even the emotional consequences of traumatic experiences such as

  • accidents
  • being severely bitten by other dogs
  • physical and/ or emotional abuse
  • traumatic loss of family and friends
  • surgery

can be healed with the right kind of EFT treatment.

Not only that, but EFT has also shown to be very useful when it comes to activating the self healing powers of your pet’s body – making it easier for him to overcome sickness or physical problems.

Order your own special Canine EFT – Scripts NOW and help your dog get well again in no time!

Dogs can develop behavioral as well as emotional issues – thereby causing distress not only for themselves but also for their human families.

Owning a difficult or distressed dog can be very disappointing and troublesome.

The advice given by dog trainers is not always helpful because most training methods are unable to address the core of the problem, treating the symptoms rather than the cause.

In addition, there are may training methods which cause more harm than good by using forceful, yes, sometimes even painful techniques!

  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply tap away your dog worries?

Many people all over the world have found out that change really is possible, that there is hope for unhappy, difficult dogs and their human families.

Using my powerful Canine EFT – Scripts to help yourself and your dog can make all the difference to your training or behavior modification efforts.

  • Imagine changing your dog’s behavior by simply tapping for him ten minutes per day, using one of the most effective self help methods on the planet, made to measure for you and your friend.

Learn how to work with your pet’s energy instead of working against it by simply applying the powerful tapping sequences I send to you once a week.

Carefully crafted to meet your dog’s individual needs these EFT – Scripts address your dog’s feelings and open his mind to change

As you tap for him on a daily basis your relationship improves greatly. The bond between yourself and your canine friend deepens and the result will be profound happiness for both of you.

  • Using Canine EFT is an exceptionally kind way of rehabilitating your dog.
  • There is absolutely no force or coercion involved as you work through your dog’s behavioral and/ or emotional issues.
  • Working with your dog’s energy system means he actually wants to change in order to please you.

The Canine EFT – Scripts are easy to apply since they come with a step – by – step How To guide so there is no effort involved.

All you need to do is

  • print out your weekly script
  • find a comfortable, quiet place where you can sit with your dog
  • set aside ten minutes once or twice a day
  • tap along the lines of the script
  • notice how your dog turns into the wonderful companion he means to be
  • watch your relationship deepen and your love grow

Treating dog problems can not get any easier than this.

You can also use the Scripts as a dog training device – a simple and fast way to help your dog learn, understand and perform better than ever.

Order your personal Canine EFT – Scripts now so that you and your dog can feel be again!

Send me an email so we can start right away!

How are the Canine EFT Scripts created?

In order to create the right Scripts for you and your dog I need you to describe the problem and rate how severe it is.

To make this easy for you I send you some easy to answer questions which you then return to me together with a photograph of your dog and yourself.

I then work out the very best way to address the problem by using the knowledge of thirty years of experience in working with dogs and their owners, my intuition as well as my EFT skills and create easy to follow step by step tapping sequences for you.

When you have used the script for one week you send me an email, letting me know how you got on.

I use your feedback to create your second set of Scripts and so on.

By doing this I walk you and your dog through the whole healing process, giving you advice and guidance as well as creating profound EFT Tapping sequences for you.

As you receive and work through one set of Tapping Instructions after the other you will notice the changes in your dog’s behavior and emotions.

What’s more, you yourself will feel happier day by day as you set your intentions for your dog to heal and overcome his troubles.

Heal Your Dog with compassion, love and EFT session and step-by-step healing guide

Private Zoom/ Skype session: 50 minutes Canine EFT session with Martina Annelie plus treatment plan plus ten Canine EFT Scripts = ten weeks treatment plus the whole benefit of a joint session with Canine EFT Expert Martina Annelie  all this is yours for just € 340,00

Yes, let’s start helping my dog right away! Send me my Canine EFT – Scripts NOW

Send me that email now so you can start helping your friend in need right away!

Martina Becher